Friday, 18 November 2011


MC is finally at 1.0! simply start your minecraft client to update!
not much time for new but the science texture pack got a few updates
today along with being the first MC 1.0 texture pack!

- Red_M

Saturday, 12 November 2011

1.9pre6 updates

the science texture pack was updated to 1.9pre6
also it seems that the pack has some odd bugs like the water
it looks a little funny and so does lava must fix those
also some textures are not displaying correctly.
no new content was added but all that is above should be
fixed or done in 5-6 hours or so.

- Red_M

Thursday, 10 November 2011


the science texture pack was updated...
changes were made to
the pigs
the squids
and the villagers

- Red_M

LOTS of updates!

lets see...actually what didnt i update? oh well...

The science texture pack got updated...
dl site got updates for skins (so did the backend)...
added mirrors...
made a thread on the minecraft forums(the thread is here)...
did preview pics for texture pack...
new map uploaded and available for download...
did some edits on some stuff...
Mods are coming very soon (basically in 2 weeks...or when I get time to...)...
so lots of updates there.


- Red_M

Sunday, 6 November 2011

right skins are some other work going on...also in unrelated
stuff I just got an email for the DOTA2 beta so i am pretty happy
there...I think I may have to just do skins from now on as they are
quick and easy to do unlike the mamoth task of a texture pack...also
have some backend stuff I need to the end of this week I will
have some skins up for download...more to come basically.

- Red_M

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


A section on skins will be soon added to the DL site and will
definatly be up in 4 days time. worked on some content but I still
will not say what mods I will be doing.

- Red_M

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Oh yeah I just forgot I got a CC license for my content on top of what
I already have so yay for not stealing stuff! also on a related note I
need to remind people to ONLY download my stuff from here or my DL
site being at and NOT to redistribute it on to
other sites or host it ANYWHERE unless you use the link on my
DL site to download the ACTUAL file. So no redistributing my stuff and
if you want to tell people and give them the Download link to what
ever it is you are downloading from my site MAKE SURE YOU USE THE
anyway sorry to shout but I need the money generated from the links to
keep going.

- Red_M

news and updates.

About 14 hours ago I had to take down the downloads for a while due to
a storm but all the stuff is back up as of 3 or 4 hours ago so if you
could not download before try again now and it should work. The
Science texture pack was updated...planned some more packs and thought
of some more mods...I think I will get started on the weekend on some
more texture packs and maybe some mods if I get the time. I am
thinking of doing Minecraft skins soon too so I guess I will update
the download site for that...will also take requests for skins and
such...still need to get AdSense up on here for some money and to get
a donate button plus a few other things with banks and paypal...also I
must do some more work on here and the DL site as well...

Red_M will return with more content...soon.

- Red_M

Saturday, 29 October 2011

texture pack updates and news about mods.

today the science texture pack was updated and verified to work in
1.9pre5 and had some textures changed as well...made the hotbar look
nicer and changed the zombie and creeper textures so that they said on
their backs test 1 and test 2... other than that not much was changed
other than the main menu buttons changed (you can get it at the same
regular place ether at the top of the in the downloads section or here).
I am going to start modding tomorrow...I will not say
what it will be as I dont want someone to steal the idea...basically
in my priorities its texture packs first then mods then maps mainly
due to the amount of updating they need texture packs need the most,
mods mostly only need minecraft to be updated then MCP needs to be
updated BEFORE I CAN UPDATE and maps as far as I know dont need very
much updating so they come in last. Anyway more updates and more
content soon!

- Red_M

Friday, 28 October 2011


The Science texture was updated today and requires a re-download from
the texture packs section from the DL site. Also I have decided that I
will release mods when Minecraft 1.0 comes out because I play on
1.9pre4 and not 1.8.1 and due to MCP not being updated for 1.9pre4 i
will not release any mods to the community until the full release of
That is all.

- Red_M

Thursday, 27 October 2011


I hope to make more texture packs, mods and maps also I take requests
which you can send here marked
in the subject "REQUEST FOR (texture pack, mod or map)" and then
explain in the email what you want and if you can send a picture or
some VERY descriptive language preferably in English please as that is
all i speak, read and write. As being a human I am more likely to
respond to commissions rather than free jobs/requests. I hope to add
generally more content to my site. The reason I put links on
all of my downloads and I am going to put some AdSense ads up is that
I need money because well...being poor sucks. Also I am more likely to
update packs/mods/maps that are popular because I get funding to
continue this little adventure. On a more general note I just got two
little baby brothers.

- Red_M

download website!

Hey Guys!
wow first post hey?
well i have a download site for all my Minecraft stuff so head over to here.
anyway that is all......for now....