Thursday, 27 October 2011


I hope to make more texture packs, mods and maps also I take requests
which you can send here marked
in the subject "REQUEST FOR (texture pack, mod or map)" and then
explain in the email what you want and if you can send a picture or
some VERY descriptive language preferably in English please as that is
all i speak, read and write. As being a human I am more likely to
respond to commissions rather than free jobs/requests. I hope to add
generally more content to my site. The reason I put links on
all of my downloads and I am going to put some AdSense ads up is that
I need money because well...being poor sucks. Also I am more likely to
update packs/mods/maps that are popular because I get funding to
continue this little adventure. On a more general note I just got two
little baby brothers.

- Red_M

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