Sunday, 30 October 2011

news and updates.

About 14 hours ago I had to take down the downloads for a while due to
a storm but all the stuff is back up as of 3 or 4 hours ago so if you
could not download before try again now and it should work. The
Science texture pack was updated...planned some more packs and thought
of some more mods...I think I will get started on the weekend on some
more texture packs and maybe some mods if I get the time. I am
thinking of doing Minecraft skins soon too so I guess I will update
the download site for that...will also take requests for skins and
such...still need to get AdSense up on here for some money and to get
a donate button plus a few other things with banks and paypal...also I
must do some more work on here and the DL site as well...

Red_M will return with more content...soon.

- Red_M

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