Saturday, 29 October 2011

texture pack updates and news about mods.

today the science texture pack was updated and verified to work in
1.9pre5 and had some textures changed as well...made the hotbar look
nicer and changed the zombie and creeper textures so that they said on
their backs test 1 and test 2... other than that not much was changed
other than the main menu buttons changed (you can get it at the same
regular place ether at the top of the in the downloads section or here).
I am going to start modding tomorrow...I will not say
what it will be as I dont want someone to steal the idea...basically
in my priorities its texture packs first then mods then maps mainly
due to the amount of updating they need texture packs need the most,
mods mostly only need minecraft to be updated then MCP needs to be
updated BEFORE I CAN UPDATE and maps as far as I know dont need very
much updating so they come in last. Anyway more updates and more
content soon!

- Red_M

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